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    Personal Artillery: Generation I codename: SpudNik

     This was my very first potato cannon, and possibly one of my most powerful ones yet.  The story behind it was that I got kicked out of school for a fight, so I had a three day vacation on the school.  I got pretty bored quickly, so I went to the local hardware store and bought all the necessary PVC pieces, and assembled the gun.  It actually had two different ignition systems if you study the pictures up close.  The first system was installed in the cleanout plug, but quickly became obsolete after repeated firing caused damage to the system as well as corrosion of firing mechanism.  After that method of firing got scrapped, I did some studying on the internet, and discovered Ed Goldmann's Spud Gun Technology Center (SGTC) I read up a lot there on many different methods of spud gun creation and use.  The end result was that I put two wood screws into the gun set to the appropriate distance apart, and wired them to the two leads on my grill igniter.  I then covered the screws with hot glue to keep the spark from occurring on the out side of the chamber.  That pretty much solved all the problems with that, though due to some improper transportation, and normal wear and tear a crack formed on the step down piece that joined the barrel and the chamber, so the gun had to be retired.

     Vital Stats

Chamber Length - 32 3/8"
Chamber Width - 4"
Barrel Length - 30 1/4"
Barrel Width - 2"
Overall Length - 63 7/8"


P5280001.JPG (65363 bytes)  I mounted it on a cart for easy transportation and cause it looked pretty cool.
P5280002.JPG (63141 bytes)  A cool view down the barrel and at the target I was shooting at.
P5280003.JPG (64204 bytes)  Not the safest view, but I assure you it wasn't loaded.
P5280006.JPG (62187 bytes)  Nice picture showing the distance from the muzzle to the target.